El Paso Scene Press Release Form

This is a standard press release form for individuals or organizations who want to submit an item to El Paso Scene monthly magazine. Items for the online edition, as well as the El Paso Scene weekly email newsletter and various other calendars produced by El Paso Scene, are taken from the monthly print version. (So if you send us an item, please don't expect to see it on the website until after the next month's issue comes out.) There is no charge for news items. All items will be edited for style, brevity and suitability. Deadlines and tips on how to fill out this form are listed below.

Note: El Paso Scene's mission is to provide information on monthly entertainment, recreation and culture. We offer no guarantees on what we will publish because we get a lot of items for events and non-events that don't fit our policy guidelines. We generally don't run items that promote a private business, including classes and workshops offered on a for-profit basis. If you aren't sure if an item is suitable for the Scene. send it anyway and we'll give it full consideration. For other questions, email us at news@epscene.com


When you submit this form correctly, you will get a confirmation on your browser window PLUS a confirmation email. This is a confirmation that the press release has been sent to us.

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1. Name of Event:

2. Date(s) of Event:

3. Hours (from when to when):

4. Location:

5. Description of Event:

6. Admission Cost:

7. Organization:

8. Information Phone No.

9. Your Name & Phone Number:

10. Fax Number:

11. Your e-mail address:

12. Organization website:



In general, please submit items as early as possible. El Paso Scene not only publishes a monthly magazine, but also produces a variety of long-term calendars. Please feel free to submit preliminary information, then update as more details become available.

The deadline usually is the THIRD MONDAY of the month for the next month's issue. The Scene goes to press on the FOURTH MONDAY.


December 2019 issue: News by Nov. 18. Camera-Ready Ads by Nov. 20. Issue comes out Nov. 27.

January 2020 issue: News by Dec. 16. Camera-Ready Ads by Dec. 18. Issue comes out Dec. 27.

February 2020 issue: News by Jan. 20. Camera-Ready Ads by Jan. 22. Issue comes out Jan. 29.

March 2020 issue: News by Feb. 17. Camera-Ready Ads by Feb. 19. Issue comes out Feb. 26.

April 2020 issue: News by March 16. Camera-Ready Ads by March 18. Issue comes out March 25. 

May 2020 issue: News by April 20. Camera-Ready Ads by April 22. Issue comes out April 29.

June 2020 issue: News by May 18. Camera-Ready Ads by May 20. Issue comes out May 27.

July 2020 issue: News by June 15. Camera-Ready Ads by June 17. Issue comes out June 24.

August 2020 issue: News by July 20. Camera-Ready Ads by July 22. Issue comes out July 29. 

September 2020 issue: News by Aug. 17. Camera-Ready Ads by Aug. 19. Issue comes out Aug. 26

October 2020 issue: News by Sept. 21. Camera-Ready Ads by Sept. 23. Issue comes out Sept. 30. 

November 2020 issue: News by Oct. 19. Camera-Ready Ads by Oct. 21. Issue comes out Oct. 28.

December 2020 issue: News by Nov. 16. Camera-Ready Ads by Nov. 18. Issue comes out Nov. 25.

January 2020 issue: News by Dec. 21. Camera-Ready Ads by Dec. 23. Issue comes out Dec. 30.

Tips for filling out press release form

1. Name of Event: Every event should have a name, such as "St. Luke's Fall Bazaar" or "Of Mice and Men." Try to keep the name reasonably short, but descriptive.

2. Date(s) of Event: Please give both the day of the week and the date. Example: Friday, June 11. Or, Friday-Saturday, June 11-12.

3. Hours: Please specify if there are different hours for different days. Follow this style in listing hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; 2 to 6 p.m. (or 2-6 p.m.). Don't use 12 p.m. or 12 a.m.; use "noon" or "midnight."

4. Location: Name of venue (Magoffin Auditorium, for example) and address.

5. Description of Event: Tell readers what this event is about. Do not include flowery language about how wonderful it will be. Do include specific information about what will be happening.

6. Admission Cost: Write "Free" if there is no admission price. Specify admission prices for adults, seniors, children, etc. If there is a children's price, specify the age range.

7. Organization: Who is putting on this event?

8. Information Phone: This is the number to be listed for people to call if they need more information.

9. Your Name & Phone Number: Who do we call if we have any questions about this press release?

10. Fax Number: If you have one.

11. Your e-mail address: Self-explanatory.

12. Organization website: If you have one.

13. Comments: Any additional information that would help us understand or evaluate this item.


Thank you for sending your information to El Paso Scene!

-- Randy Limbird, Editor & Publisher