April 2020

Behind the Scene

by Randy Limbird
Editor & Publisher, El Paso Scene

For El Paso Scene, the impact of the coronavirus crisis came slowly and then surged dramatically, paralleling the path it’s taken everywhere else.
  The first cancellations came March 12. We lost a full-page for an April UTEP event. Meanwhile, events scheduled for mid-March started cancelling. By March 16 we sent our usual Monday email newsletter, but most of the events listed were marked “Canceled” or “Postponed.” By March 23, there were simply no events at all to report so we simply sent information on closings that we had also posted on our Facebook page.
  The tough decision was whether to publish the April edition of El Paso Scene. As a monthly newspaper dedicated to upcoming local events, what do you do when nearly all events that month have been cancelled or postponed?
  In the end we decided to publish. After all, newspapers have been described as “the first draft of history,” and there is a value to documenting the impact of this crisis on local entertainment and culture. Maybe you won’t find much to do in this issue, but you will at least realize part of the scope of this crisis. Every event that’s been cancelled, every concert that’s postponed, every museum or gallery that’s closed, represents a loss of time, energy and money that people invested to provide us with things to do and see.
  Furthermore, we don’t know at this time how long the crisis will continue. There are a number of events scheduled in later April that have not been canceled. We’ve also tried to provide you with as comprehensive list as possible on the new dates scheduled for various events and concerts. In addition, we’ve listed other events scheduled for May and beyond — just so you can look forward to the day when we can all leave our homes and start enjoying time together again.
  We also had to cut down our press run. Many of our usual distribution points are closed or experiencing greatly reduced traffic.
  We will update our website (epscene.com) and Facebook page as often as possible with news on the status of upcoming events, re-openings and other changes.
  Special thanks to our news editor, Lisa Tate, who had the duty of contacting so many of our sources to get what was almost always news of another cancellation or closing. We hope for much more positive content in the May issue!
  Also on a positive note, Lisa chose a perfect time to write about El Paso’s and Las Cruces’ independent bookstores. Most of them remain open during this crisis. Now more than ever we need some good books to curl up with. Her feature story begins on Page 15.* * *
  At least no one canceled the annual crop of poppies on the Franklin Mountains this spring. In fact, thanks to our mild winter with plenty of rain, we’ve had one of our best crops ever of Mexican poppies along the slopes of the Franklins. Thankfully our hiking and mountain bike trails also remain accessible, so we can still enjoy them as long as we keep a proper “social distance” from fellow hikers and bikers.
  Thanks go to Susan Ryde for this month’s cover, which celebrates the annual outburst of the golden flowers. Susan has a fascinating background; she was born in Puerto Rico and raised in England. To find out more about her art, contact her at 915-781-9011 or email tangorider@hotmail.com. You can also find her art on display at the Magic Bistro and the Art & Framing Gallery.

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